The value of quality property management services

Through a very difficult year our property management team have been a beacon of hope for our property management clients. They have worked extremely long hours 6-7 days a week dealing with all the challenging aspects brought upon the industry by the pandemic. They kept up with all of the new government legislation and regulations impacting real estate, and ensured it was implemented correctly for the owners.

As a property owner or investor, you might believe that it is just easier to manage all of your properties on your own. However, if something else gets in the way, and the management just gets away from you, it can impact the return on investment that you could receive from your investment. It is in your best interest to ensure that your investment provides returns, by having it managed properly.

Property Management is not just about collecting rent. It is a complex balance between maximising return on investment and ensuring that the property is managed correctly to realise the value of a property, at the same time.



This is why many opt to have their assets managed by the professionals instead. There are a range of benefits that you can receive from having an expert, handling your assets. Not only is it going to be an easier process for you as an investor, but you won’t have to collect rent, do lease admin or arrange repairs.

Just Commercial can offer a range of property management services that will make your life easier. With significant experience across a broad range of properties, such as shops, office, showrooms, factories and warehouses, they are the right choice no matter your property type.

Our incredible asset management team includes Aviva Basist (Senior Property Manager), Christine Bonnaci (Property Manager), Con Devistaki (Trust Accountant) and Jeanne’ Pickering (Property Manager) who thoroughly invest their time into proactive management, maintenance and ESM.

Property management is one of our key strengths. It is a large part of our business in which we afford a great deal of attention to both the landlord and the tenant, while staying abreast of the ever-changing legislation within the sector.

This is especially important right now as the Retail Leases Act (RLA) has been amended as from 1st October 2020 and obligations for landlords in particular have increased. Landlords are now required to provide information about the availability of an early market rent review to the tenant when notifying them of any option term, and the time frames around notification have also changed to shorter notice period. This is a great example of the increased responsibilities on landlords, and why it is beneficial to use our property management team instead.



A common issue we find when owners manage their own properties is that they are emotionally involved, and therefore they can let their relationship or closeness with their tenants cloud the landlord tenant relationship. This can result in landlords passing up Rental Review and Lease Options, which can over a long period lessen the returns on their investment.

Whereas when you use Just Commercial Property Management services, they can handle:

  • Rent Collection & Rental Reviews
  • Outgoing Recovery and Disbursement
  • Lease Administration
  • General Services Provided
  • Emergencies/Urgent Repairs
  • New Lettings & Vacating Tenants including Lease Negotiations
  • General – Miscellaneous Fees and Services

All of the benefits from having your asset or property managed by the experts at Just Commercial, outweighs the cons. We aim to maximise your earnings, while reducing expenses and ensuring timely rent collection and payments, as required. We go above and beyond to ensure your property is well managed so you can have greater peace of mind, and can enjoy all the benefits of your investment, without the management.