ESM Compliance

Know your Essential Safety Measures are being maintained to the highest standard with Just Commercial.

In the world of Commercial and Industrial Property Management, ESM Compliance is about more than just ensuring the services are carried out. For Just Commercial, ESM Compliance is about ensuring the safety of owners, workers, and property to the highest standard; and making sure that the standard is maintained.

Our friendly expert property management team ‚Äď Aviva Basist (Senior Property Manager), Christine Bonnaci (Property Manager) and Jeanne’ Pickering (Property Manager) thoroughly invest their time into the ESM Compliance of each property they manage. With Just Commercial managing your property there‚Äôs no slipping through the cracks or periods of uncertainty, only regular and reliable action taken by experts in the property field.

We know our clients’ time is precious to them, so we don’t want to see you bogged down in compliance logistics or sifting through available contractors when you could be focusing on your business. Instead, having that trusted contact who puts your needs first and knows what to look out for will allow you to focus on the important task of running your company.

Priding ourselves on our approachability and understandings of what it means to be a commercial and industrial property owner, Just Commercial stays on-top of the ESM Compliance for all their managed buildings without sacrificing the quality of customer service or the property itself.

By putting your trust in Just Commercial, you can rely on ESM services such as:

  • Bookings and organisation of regular routine¬†inspections
  • Coordinating the best available contractors for any required repairs or maintenance – including specialist contractors
  • Record keeping from the start of your purchase¬†or¬†lease
  • Annual audit of ESM Reports provided directly¬†to¬†you
  • On-going management of contractors and repair/maintenance work
  • 6 monthly inspections carried out with an eye for¬†a¬†detail

By maximising your property’s building compliances, you minimise risk of loss through injury or malfunction. Just Commercial goes the extra mile from the start because we believe that, where your property is concerned, it’s better to be pro-active rather than reactive. Whether you’re looking to lease a new property or are looking to sell one that you’ve managed and maintained for years, we ensure that you are covered on all basis in the eyes of building compliance.

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