Election done – Now looking into the future

With the outcome of the May 21 Federal Election now firmly resolved and with a new hand on the Commonwealth helm with confirmed majority control, we believe that the way forward is now much clearer.

The new Treasurer has identified a range of fundamental economic issues that need to be addressed. Australia’s accumulated national debt after the COVID responses being foremost.

Then there are the issues that need hands-on and effective government responses, including the level of inflation, interest rates, energy costs, employment opportunities, the revival of Australian manufacturing, and the focusing of technology on creating new, value-adding industries and businesses.

Although there may be interruptions in the application of solutions, we can see positives for the wider commercial and property market, especially since the elimination of some of the difficulties will alone be positive.

Australia’s new Treasurer is quoted in an article in the Australian Financial Review on May 25.

The article is headlined, “Chalmers plays down hopes of ‘quick fix’ to ills”.

It goes on to quote the Treasurer “I want to be honest and upfront about it. It will take some time for us to turn around these big challenges. I want to engage the Australian people in this big conversation about our national economic challenges.”

That seems to use to be the signal for business as usual with a flicker of optimism.

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