The top industrial property markets in Southeast Melbourne

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  • Explore Southeast Melbourne’s top industrial property markets, including Dandenong, Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Oakleigh, Keysborough, Springvale, and Mulgrave.
  • Just Commercial helps navigate these thriving markets and discover prime industrial real estate opportunities with expert guidance for investors seeking success in Southeast Melbourne.

Nestled in the heart of Victoria, the South-eastern region of Melbourne boasts a thriving industrial landscape that continues to attract investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs alike.

If you’re looking for prime industrial real estate opportunities, you’re in the right place. Just Commercial, your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic world of industrial property, is here to guide you through the most promising markets in this vibrant part of Melbourne.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the top industrial property markets in Southeast Melbourne, unveiling the hidden gems and investment hotspots that await those seeking to establish or expand their commercial ventures in this thriving region.

Dandenong’s Industrial Real Estate

Dandenong, strategically located just 30 kilometres southeast of Melbourne’s central business district, is a standout choice for property investors.

Its exceptional access via the Monash Freeway and EastLink connects swiftly to Melbourne’s core and the Port of Melbourne, perfect for logistics and distribution.

The suburb’s industrial diversity, highlighted by a robust manufacturing sector, ensures a stable tenant base and long-term investment viability.

Dandenong Industrial Properties 2023

The industrial real estate in Dandenong stands out as one of the nation’s most tightly held industrial markets, where property availability is notably limited. This scarcity suggests potential asset appreciation and points to a market characterised by competitive demand, a boon for investors seeking robust rental incomes.

Furthermore, Dandenong’s appeal is bolstered by the pioneering Dandenong Logis Estate, Victoria’s first eco-industrial business park, promoting sustainability and aligning with modern environmental trends.

With low vacancy rates and established tenants like Startrack, Spicer Paper, and Ego Pharmaceuticals, Dandenong is a top choice for industrial property investors.

Moorabbin’s Industrial Real Estate

Moorabbin stands out as an appealing suburb for industrial property investors, boasting a combination of strategic advantages and robust economic fundamentals.

Moorabbin’s key allure is its proximity, just 15 km southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, making it an ideal location for industrial investments due to its closeness to the metropolitan area.

This strategic proximity facilitates efficient access to a vast customer base within the city while also enabling streamlined distribution and logistics operations.

Furthermore, Moorabbin’s excellent transportation infrastructure enhances its appeal as an investment destination. The suburb is intricately connected to major road networks, including the Nepean Highway and the Moorabbin Bypass, ensuring seamless access for businesses engaged in logistics and distribution.

Notably, the presence of Moorabbin Airport in the vicinity further amplifies its appeal, particularly for companies with aviation-related activities.

This well-developed infrastructure benefits existing businesses and underpins future growth and expansion potential, making Moorabbin a prime choice for industrial property investors.

The suburb’s diverse industrial base adds to the investment appeal of industrial real estate in Moorabbin. Moorabbin boasts a diverse industrial estate with many owners and tenants involved in wholesale activities, technical services, and construction and building services.

This diversity adds resilience and dynamism to the local industrial property market, attracting investors seeking a wide range of tenants. Moorabbin’s multifaceted industrial landscape maintains its vibrancy and appeal for investors capitalising on its strategic location.

Cheltenham’s Industrial Real Estate

Cheltenham, a suburb 18 km southeast of Melbourne’s Central Business District, emerges as an enticing commercial industrial property investment hub. Its strategic location, near the vibrant cities of Bayside and Kingston, adds to its appeal.

This adjacency to thriving local government areas, particularly Bayside, with a population exceeding 100 thousand, creates a robust consumer base for businesses operating in the suburb, making it an attractive prospect for industrial property investors.

Cheltenham is also home to the popular Westfield Southland shopping centre, primarily located in the northern part of the suburb. This presence not only enhances the convenience for residents but also provides opportunities for smaller retailers, banks, cafes, and various commercial enterprises to flourish in the area.

Cheltenham’s accessibility is bolstered by Cheltenham and Southland railway stations, ensuring smooth transportation for businesses and commuters.

The diverse commercial landscape, featuring businesses like Industrial Dynamics PTY LTD, Steel Foxy PTY LTD, and Quantum Technology PTY LTD, fosters a dynamic industrial ecosystem with various investment prospects.

With its strategic location, thriving local communities, and diverse business presence, Cheltenham is a prime choice for commercial and industrial property investors seeking a well-rounded investment opportunity in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Oakleigh’s Industrial Real Estate

Oakleigh emerges as a compelling choice for industrial property investment, driven by a range of advantageous features. This suburb’s heart lies a large and historic Central Business District (CBD) spanning nine city blocks.

This bustling hub showcases several multi-storey office buildings, banks, and retail complexes and offers a vibrant atmosphere with numerous cafes, hotels, restaurants, and retail shops. This thriving CBD contributes to the local economy and is a magnet for businesses and potential tenants.

Strategically located between the Nepean and Princes Highway, Oakleigh provides easy access to key transport routes, including Warrigal Road, Huntingdale Road, Clayton Road, and North Road, facilitating efficient logistics and distribution.

The proximity to the Princes Highway allows swift connections to Melbourne’s CBD, while Oakleigh railway station offers suburban rail services.

Notably, Oakleigh boasts a diverse industrial landscape, with major industries such as Assa Abloy, a global leader in electronic and mechanical lock design and fabrication, calling the suburb home.

This presence of prominent industries underlines the area’s industrial viability and attractiveness for investors seeking a thriving and dynamic location for their industrial property investments.

Keysborough’s Industrial Real Estate

Keysborough, situated just 27 kilometres southeast of Melbourne’s Central Business District within the City of Greater Dandenong local government area, offers a strategic location that aligns with the diverse needs of its residents.

Families with children, professionals, and retirees call Keysborough home, creating a diverse and stable community that can provide a steady business customer base.

Furthermore, Keysborough boasts the convenience of the local Parkmore Shopping Centre, a bustling hub featuring banks, salons, travel agencies, grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants.

This thriving commercial centre enhances the local quality of life and serves as a magnet for businesses, further underlining the suburb’s potential as a commercial and industrial investment destination.

Additionally, Keysborough’s connectivity is a major draw for investors. It is seamlessly linked to neighbouring suburbs like Dandenong and Bangholme via the EastLink freeway.

Keysborough’s exceptional transportation infrastructure ensures efficient logistics and access for employees and customers. With its strategic location, diverse population, thriving commercial centre, and excellent connectivity, it’s a compelling choice for commercial industrial property investments.

Springvale’s Industrial Real Estate

Springvale is driven by a strategic blend of location advantages and a thriving business ecosystem. Springvale’s two railway stations, Springvale and Sandown Park, seamlessly connect to Melbourne’s rail network for transportation.

Additionally, Springvale benefits from Minaret College, the largest co-educational Islamic school in southeastern Melbourne, enhancing its educational landscape.

This attracts a diverse and skilled workforce to the area. Additionally, Springvale enjoys easy connectivity to the Melbourne CBD via the Monash Freeway, enhancing accessibility for businesses and ensuring efficient supply chain operations.

Furthermore, the suburb houses notable manufacturing giants such as MetalCorp Steel PTY LTD, Solenis Australia PTY LTD, and Asaleo Care Limited, underlining its status as an industrial hub.

This thriving industrial base, combined with its strategic location and accessibility, positions Springvale as a prime destination for commercial industrial property investment, promising opportunities for investors seeking a dynamic and well-connected business environment.

Mulgrave Industrial Real Estate 

Mulgrave, situated in Melbourne’s southeastern region within the City of Monash, offers compelling features that make it an excellent choice for commercial industrial property investment.

Its strategic location, just 25 km from Melbourne’s CBD, ensures easy access to the city’s heart via the nearby Monash Freeway, a vital transport corridor.

Additionally, the EastLink freeway provides a convenient link to the Mornington Peninsula and picturesque seaside towns, enhancing accessibility and potential market reach for businesses.

This suburb enjoys proximity to the upscale Chadstone Shopping Centre, boasting over 530 stores, including renowned luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, and Tiffany & Co. This adds to the local amenities and indicates a strong consumer base.

Mulgrave hosts diverse businesses, including manufacturing units such as DSM Limited, Mulgrave Machine Works LTD, East Coast Hydraulics, and recycling and auto service. Last but not least, the presence of the 45-acre Mulgrave Marine Industrial Park further underscores its suitability for industrial and commercial business activities, making it an ideal suburb for those looking to invest in Melbourne’s thriving industrial sector.