Major Melbourne hub at home in Moorabbin

Did You Know? 

  • Moorabbin is located 15km south-east of Melbourne’s central business district and is situated in the local government area of the City of Kingston.
  • Most of the eastern side of Moorabbin has been an industrial area since the first development in the mid-1960s
  • The east side of the suburb was originally home to the industrial hubs of companies such as Phillip Morris, Schweppes and Coca-Cola.

Moorabbin is recognised as one of Melbourne’s major industrial areas, along with its surrounding regions, including Moorabbin Airport.

Renowned in the industrial real estate industry as a leading industrial and commercial property hub, due to the abundance of warehouses and commercial properties located within the area.

Currently one of the biggest changes to the industrial and commercial market within Moorabbin surrounds the Moorabbin Airport Corporation (MAC) redeveloping the western parts of the apron and taxiway for commercial use, in order to expand its industrial precinct. While the master plans are yet to be approved their plan is to develop 44 hectares of land over the next eight years.

Other well-known or upcoming industrial estates within the Moorabbin area include the new Morris Moor development and Parkview estate. 

The Morris Moor development is gaining attention within Moorabbin as it will soon be home to an array of new tenants. This development is representing the significant demand for unique office space and commercial accommodation within the Moorabbin area. With an already strong mix of tenants from start-ups and technology, to fitness and food, the development provides the staff and tenants with a well-connected, diverse location that features an array of amenities, not normally found in the surrounding industrial areas.

The already developed Parkview estate is also one of the best- known industrial estates in the entire south-east, where all the major corporates are located within pristine gardens and amenities. Unlike many industrial and business estates, Parkview provides the perfect setting and location for a number of uses,  not just corporate use.

Surrounded by key main roads such as South Road, Warrigal Road and the Nepean Highway, the demand for the industrial property sector within Moorabbin can also be linked to infrastructure developments that are currently being undertaken or are to be launched over the coming months.

The area is only expected to grow further as transport infrastructure improvements throughout the south-east will directly benefit the Moorabbin industrial scene. The new Dingley Bypass, set to be finished in 2021, will allow improved access to industrial areas in Braeside and Moorabbin. Industrial property occupiers will naturally want to locate themselves closer to easily accessible and improved roads, leading to a further decrease in vacancy rates of industrial property in those areas.

The current improvements in the south-east industrial area, which Moorabbin are a part of, are expected to transform the industrial market for developers and even investors wanting to revisit their investment strategy to move alongside any changing market dynamics. Moorabbin, while currently a strong industrial hub, is only expected to become more in demand in the future.