How could drone technology change e-commerce delivery services and industrial real estate in the future?

The introduction of new technology creates a domino effect throughout almost every industry. Not many people are aware how new technology, such as electric cars and drone technology can actually impact something as seemingly far-fetched as industrial real estate.

However drone technology and the use of it for delivery services, influences the e-commerce sector and as a result impacts the industrial real estate sector.

Recently Vicinity Centres partnered with Google’s Wing delivery service, in a bid to be a global first in a way to deliver goods. The pilot scheme was launched from the rooftop of a Queensland mall, specifically the Grand Plaza in Logan, just south of Brisbane. This drone delivery service has actually shown some success and has now completed more than 2500 contactless deliveries to customers nearby.

Will other large players follow suit after Vicinity Centres move?

Drone technology is actually a great way to deliver goods, especially in the middle of a pandemic. As a result of the trial success, the Wing owned, Google parent Alphabet, has set up its own delivery hub in Canberra in a hope to expand the first of its kind mall-top service.

Vicinity Centres is the second largest listed owner of shopping centres in Australia. Which is why they are looking to expand the drone service to a plethora of other suburban shopping centres, who have plenty of airspace for drones to be able to run. Almost two-thirds of the population live within 30 minutes of one of Vicinity’s 61 shopping centres, making it the perfect group for drone delivery trials across the country.

What does the future of technology look like for the industrial industry?

This is all a result of the forever changing retail industry that needs to adapt to the future, especially with the hugely booming e-commerce sector. So, how does this new model of delivery impact industrial real estate?

This will impact the use of industrial warehouses for businesses as the future is heading towards a place where these drone deliveries won’t just occur from shopping centres, but straight from the warehouse fulfilment centres.

Future plans will lead to the advance of logistical hubs, and they will be both fulfilment centres, and delivery hubs. Just as the introduction of electric cars will do, drone technology will lead to the change of industrial real estate. It will eventually create a need for industrial property to accommodate drone technology, and upgrade properties as needed.

Owners of industrial property will continue to accommodate the future technological changes, including the adaption of drone technology and mixing logistics and fulfilment with delivery. In turn larger industrial hubs will be created in an effort to handle all the needs for e-commerce as it grows and changes.

Keeping on top of these trends is a vital aspect of both e-commerce and industrial real estate. There will be no-telling how drone technology will ultimately change delivery services and logistics, so don’t forget to always keep an eye on the trends for any further changes.