Jeanne’ Pickering
Property Manager

Jeanne’ (pronounced Shanay) completed in 2018 her accreditation to become a fully licensed real estate agent and an expert Essential Safety Measures Manager and has been a part of the Just Commercial team since 2011.

Jeanne’ has extensive experience gained from working in Body Corporates and Facility Management. This expertise has given her practical involvement in the importance of keeping facilities policies, procedures, and projects up to date.

Jeanne’ supervises and organises Essential Safety Measurements (ESM), quotes for contractors maintenance to commercial or industrial properties and liaises with tenants to arrange access to premises. She also keeps tenant insurance register up to date.

Jeanne’ ensures strict compliance with building ESM regulations, managing thorough specialist contractor audits every six months. She ensures that contractors attend to fixed and portable firefighting equipment and emergency exit lighting is all in working order.

Jeanne’ is looking forward to meeting new clients and developing long-term property-related relationships.

If you’d like to talk to Jeanne’ about ESM and property management for your commercial or industrial property, contact her here.

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